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Alberta Risk Mitigation and Training Grants

Updated: May 24

Crime has risen in Alberta over the past few years. Everyone has seen it, including the provincial government in Alberta.

As such, the Government of Alberta has instituted two grants to assist with proactively and reactively addressing security and safety risks for Albertans. These include covering costs of training, security assessments and even security presence for targeted groups. Below is high level information on both of these grants so you can assess which ones are best to help keep your organization or community safe. Tip of Spear is pleased to provide the services within these grants and have successfully worked with many organizations to have their grants approved Alberta!

  • This grant is for specific types of organization to support them in improving their security infrastructure and training.

  • Available to: non-profit organizations or charities, specific types of educational institutions/schools, places of worship, community centers for identifiable groups, shelters, and others.

  • 4 Components of this grant:

Tip of Spear's services qualify for the first three components of this grant! Please contact us to discuss a strategy for applying for this grant.

  • This grant is for all Alberta employers to help employees and future employees (unemployed Albertans) get access to training.

  • Available to: private companies, non-profit organizations, Indigenous and Metis Nations

  • Grant amount: Employer pays 1/3 of the costs, and the AB government covers 2/3 of the costs ($10,000 for employed or $15,000 for unemployed Albertans)

  • Covers: tuition, books, exams, instructor's travel expenses. Courses that qualify: Alberta Basic Security Training, First Aid, Mental Health, De-escalation, Conflict Avoidance, Violence Prevention

  • Requirements: training must be at least 21 hours and provide a certificate. Training must also start within 6 months of receiving approval and be completed within 12 months of approval.

Tip of Spear's training qualifies for this training! We have successfully worked with organizations to put together at 3+ day trainings that have been approved for this grant. Please contact us to discuss a strategy for applying for this grant.

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