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Tactical First Aid

Lifesaving skills for high risk work

Imagine: What if you, your partner or the person in your duty of care has a gunshot or stab wound? What if they were overdosing on opioids from an accidental exposure? Would you be able to recognize what was going on? Would you know what to do until medical professionals arrive?


Enforcement and security professionals are often grossly under prepared to handle these situations and are in a high likelihood of being exposed to them. Knowing a few critical skills could give the victim several extra minutes to save their life until EMS arrives.


"I would just like to say I had an awesome time yesterday taking your new Tactical First-Aid course. This training could really be the difference between life or death for us. The life saving knowledge I walked away with was incredible. I wish this training was a part of Armed Guard training but I have it now because of you guys! Thank you.

I definitely think this training (with the tourniquets and wound care) would have great value in the occupation, because the possible dangers that can come with the job are very real. It was a pleasure to have participated in this course, I'm glad you guys combined both parts."


- Kevin Nguyen

Massive bleeds and opioid overdoses

are the two most likely and most deadly medical circumstances that a

security or enforcement professional will encounter on the job.

This is particularly the case if the staff member works alone, in high-risk areas, or in a hospital or medical environment. Stabbings happen daily in our cities and are increasing in frequency. There is also an opioid crisis in Canada and everyone is affected - not just those on the street (learn more