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Personal Risk Recognition & Response

Vigilance, risk recognition and mitigation


Learn to recognize potentially dangerous situations as early as possible to mitigate risk and maximize personal safety.

Situational Awareness and More

Everyone knows that we need to pay attention to the world around us in order to stay safe. But do we know what to be watching for, exactly? How do we prevent ourselves from becoming a target of crime? And what do we do if we do become a target?

The course Personal Risk Recognition & Response is about learning to recognize risk and mitigate them with critical risk assessment tools and strategies, in order to maximize personal safety in an ever-changing world. The earlier we can recognize danger and address it, the greater our chances of not just surviving, but thriving!

Situational awareness is a skill that is becoming increasingly important as crime rates increase. It is about detecting behaviours in others that indicate they are about to do something against another person. Personal Risk Recognition & Response takes this one step further on how to avoid and mitigate potentially dangerous situations before they turn dangerous.

Course Contents

This program is broken into 5 components:

  1. Crime - How crime happens, types of crime and factors that lead to criminal activity related to violence

  2. Personal - How our own behaviours contribute to increased risk, how to increase our awareness and what to watch for

  3. Environmental - Factors that contribute to increased risk, crowd factors, and a risk assessment of your environment

  4. Human Risk - How violence happens, recognizing behaviours in others that indicate potential risks, plus additional factors such as mental health

  5. Response - How we can reduce and mitigate the risk, plus how to put all the tools into practice


Personal Risk Recognition & Response course covers the anatomy of crime, and how subjects choose a target. It dives into human psychology, body language and micro-expressions which are all clues in understanding a person's intent. The course also explores types of attacks, and how aggression escalates to violence.

The course contains many helpful reflection activities, videos and group games to increase content understanding, retention and application.


About this Course

This course has been developed by pulling together information from scientific studies, actual life experience, observation of others and their actions under stress. It provides you with factors leading up to and during a situation which requires your ability to think on your feet. We continually tie the content back to your current life situations to make it as applicable as possible.

We continue to improve and expand on this course on a regular basis to ensure it contains the best information available on these subjects.

To request this course for your organization, please Contact Us.

Request this Course

This course is available to corporate groups or organizations by request, and can be taught virtually, on-site at your location or at ours.  To request more information including prices, and to book a group course, please contact us.

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