Situational Awareness


Recognize and mitigate potential threats before they turn into dangers

Our world continues to evolve and security experts tell us that violent attacks will continue to occur. Our families, business, travel and every other sector is affected by this process. Along with the positive such as prosperity, there is also a continued evolution by those who wish to do us harm.​ Security programs are modified to meet the challenges that lie ahead, however, it is the goal of this program to ensure the practitioner is able to adapt.

Arcuri Group's Situational Awareness Specialist® (SAS) certificate program is designed to educate the participant in the discipline of situation awareness, thereby creating a practitioner capable of understanding the dynamics of random and potential threat events. It trains the individual to recognize leading indicators in people and the environment, and avoid or mitigate them proactively, before it turns into a high risk, dangerous or physical situation. This includes turning on our heightened awareness, actively perceiving the situation and looking for indicators, planning ahead, and responding and mitigating if necessary. 

Tip of Spear is proud to be the exclusive provider of Arcuri Group's SAS in-person training program in Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada.

Course Contents


Topics Covered

  • Degrees of awareness

  • How our brain can interpret and miss things

  • Vulnerable/prey/soft target vs. formidable/predator mindsets

  • Grey Man theory

  • How fear/stress affects our body and senses

  • Controlling and minimizing our responses to fear/stress

  • Determining baselines in behaviors and patterns for the environment

  • Observing anomalies in action

  • Behavior detection

  • Transparent anomalies

  • Limiting and reducing threats

  • Angle mitigation tactics


Professional Designation

Once the student takes their course and passes their exam, they will receive certification as a Situational Awareness Specialist® (SAS), along with the "SAS" designation to be used in their professional title.