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Specialty Services

In addition to our regular courses and class offerings, Tip of Spear offers a number of specialty services to assist individuals or organizations with their protection needs. Whether it's needing some perspective on how to best keep your family safe, advice on running a corporate security program, or a speaker to talk about personal safety and share lessons from different security services careers, we are excited to work with you to help.

Consulting Services

Tip of Spear offers safety, security and protection consulting services for all types and sizes of organizations. We also offer private security consulting for private residences, prominent figures and specialized protection units. We can train your staff to handle specific limited situations.

This includes:

  • Risk analysis and assessments

  • Physical security audits and plans

  • Corporate policy and procedure development and reviews

  • Special event planning and guidance

  • Safety or security department development and reviews

  • Internal training course content and delivery reviews

  • VIP Protection training

  • And other more

Corporate Training

Whether you are looking for a quick one-hour lunch-and-learn on a particular safety or protection topic, or a custom training program that aligns with your corporation's policies, we can help.


Tip of Spear has developed several specialty programs to assist corporations with their OH&S and safety training requirements. The following programs were designed particularly for staff working in a corporate or office setting.  The material can be delivered over an hour or over a day, depending the requirements.

  • De-escalation and conflict resolution training

  • IKMF Krav Maga private corporate lessons: For team building/ assault prevention

  • Robbery awareness and prevention

  • Intelligent Threat: What to do if someone with a firearm enters the building (Active Shooter)

  • Target Hardening: Physical security measures and integration

For more information on the above courses, to request a customized course, to get a quote, and to check the availability of our instructors, please contact us.

Group Training

Tip of Spear is willing to provide exclusive group classes for all of our programs for our corporate clients. Whether you are a security guard company who needs a specialized or backup trainer, or a casino or Aboriginal Band who needs to train a group of staff on a one-time or ongoing basis, we can help. 


We are also pleased to offer specialized and customized group training including but not limited to:

  • Robbery awareness and prevention

  • Active Shooter

  • Close Quarter Combat

  • And other requested courses


Please contact us for more information and to book us.

Custom Partnerships

Every organization is different in it's focus, vision, culture and therefore training needs. Our goal is to help your unique company succeed, with unique solutions that work for you. With our extensive business experience and security experience, we can explore different ways to partner and help your company go farther. The staff at Tip of Spear is open to hearing about your organization's goals and challenges, and exploring different solutions to meet your needs, including custom training packages, developing new training courses specific to your company and providing guidance on program development, strategy and administration. To explore possibilities for your company, please contact us.

Speaking Engagements

Tip of Spear's Director and Lead Instructor, Dave Suffern has been requested to speak numerous times across a variety of organizations in Alberta.  Based on his extensive experience in the security industry, he has spoken on subjects such as physical security and personal safety.

If you would like to request Dave to speak at your organization's next conference or safety meeting, please contact us.

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