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Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Training in Alberta

Many of our clients contact us requesting the course Non-Violent Crisis Intervention developed and owned by the Crisis Prevention Institute. This course covers "skills to safely recognize and respond to everyday crisis situations". It is primarily intended for those working in healthcare and education.

The Crisis Prevention Institute only allows this training to be delivered internally within the company you work for. This means that only your employer can provide this training to you; external training providers (like Tip of Spear) are not permitted to deliver this course. In other words, the trainer has to be an employee at the company that you work for, not an external company. Contact your employer to take this training or to get recertified.

Tip of Spear offers a similar, but more practical and comprehensive version of this course called Client Communications (for those working in customer-facing roles) or Tactical Communications (for those working as a peace officer, security or other protection fields). We teach this course to organizations across almost all industries and can even teach it to your organization.

Both of these courses cover:

  • Self-regulation

  • Prevention & verbal de-escalation skills

  • Risk assessment

  • Communications frameworks

  • Disengagement safety techniques

  • Physical intervention techniques

  • Trauma-informed training (available for Client Communications)

These courses have been proven to reduce the number of conversations leading to physical altercations.

Please contact us to book a course for your organization! Or request to take this course.

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