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Tip of Spear: Professional Protection Education

Equipping Albertans with personal safety, conflict management, violence and crime prevention skills to help you live confidently on and off the job.


Our training includes:

  • Conflict Resolution & De-Escalation

  • Personal Safety & Crime Prevention

  • First Aid & Mental Health First Aid

  • Self-Defence

  • Career Training: Security, Private Investigation, Peace Officers


De-Escalation & Conflict Resolution Training

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Client Communications

 Understand the factors that lead to escalation in ourselves and others, how to de-escalate, and learn a basic framework for preserving client relations while addressing violations or complaints. Plus strategy to physically stay safe! Our highest requested and highest rated course!


Strategic Conflict Resolution

Learn to recognize the signs of escalating behaviour and resolution strategies to maintain workplace safety between colleagues and clients. Ideal for internal staff and customer service interactions.


Looking for our Security Guard training?

We have moved it to a brand new website to serve you better! All the courses you need and love are all there to help you to continue to grow in your career.

Personal Safety & Risk Prevention Courses


Personal Risk Recognition & Response

Learn how to increase your situational awareness, recognize risk indicators and mitigate them proactively before they turn into a  dangerous situation. 


CPTED Property Crime Prevention

Learn the international practice used by law enforcement to deter crime on property you own or manage. This advanced program goes beyond good locks and lighting and into criminal psychology and strategy.


Critical Conditions Survival Course

This comprehensive course is intended to empower the average Albertan to have the confidence and skills when critical infrastructure gets impacted for any reason, such as pandemics, natural disasters and economic disruptions.

Why choose Tip of Spear?

Tip of Spear is one of the largest training academies in Alberta, providing in-person instructor-led and virtual self-led training in personal safety, self-defence and protection-related careers. Our practical training has helped numerous individuals and companies to grow in their skills, to excel confidently and stay safe on and off the job.


15,000+ trained


Operating since 2011


15 certified instructors with decades of experience in their specialization and teaching


14 courses, many accredited

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Excellent reputation and results, plus top client ratings


Serving all industries: retail, education, government, law, entertainment, security, community organizations, vulnerable sector, and more.

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Highly customizable programs, and flexible support services


Albertan owned and operated, serving all of Alberta and Western Canada

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Some of our Incredible Clients we are Proud to Partner with

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Protection Services Career Training


Alberta Security Guard Training

Start your career as a security guard and advance to tactical and more.

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Alberta Private Investigator Training