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Tip of Spear equips aspiring protection professionals in Alberta with the skills, mindset and confidence they need to start and expand their thriving careers, serving and protecting the communities where they live and work.


We are also passionate about helping everyone stay safe by providing many personal safety, prevention and self-defence programs to the general public.

Tip of Spear: Professional Protection Education

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Now accepting registrations for class:

Saturday May 14 9am-noon or Wednesday May 18 6pm-9pm

Crime rates are going up - we all see it. But we can proactively do something about it to reduce the chances of it happening to us on property we own or manage. Learn the basics of this internationally-renowned program, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, that is used by law enforcement, land/building designers and land users to deter criminal activity, and help your family and community stay safe.

Introduction to CPTED Crime Prevention

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Now accepting registrations for class

Saturday May 28-Sunday May 29, 2022!

For peace officers, security agents, or customer service specialists. If your role requires you to enforce bylaws, policies and laws, learn how to do so in a manner that encourages cooperation and preserves client relations to the fullest extent possible with this course.

De-escalate, limit physical altercations, remain in calm and in control, gain cooperation so the customer wants to return. Win-win!

Tactical Communications

Popular Courses


Alberta Basic Security Training

Get your license to work as a security guard in Alberta. This accredited online or classroom course equips you to pass your provincial exam.


Canadian Firearms Safety Course

Take your non-Restricted and Restricted firearms safety training to get your PAL and RPAL license.


Defensive Tactics (PPCT)

Get certified to use handcuffs & baton, and learn the principles of arrest & control and use of force. For peace officers & security guards. 

What Our Customers Say


Edmonton's choice for firearms training, security guard training, self-defence and more.

Whether you want to learn online or in-person, Tip of Spear is your partner in safety, security, and self-defence training.


We are accredited to offer the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (necessary to get your PAL), the Alberta Basic Security Training Course (which allows you to challenge the Alberta provincial security guard license exam), Krav Maga self-defence and much more!

What our students say

"This is not just courses, at Tip of Spear. It is empowering, and it will change how you think about health, mental health, and self-defense. It does not matter if you are considering firearms safety, martial arts, or something like handcuffing certification, this company, it feels like an investment in you as a person."

- Shawn P.

Courses to upgrade your security or protection career


Tactical Communications

Learn how to address bylaw/policy violations and criminal offences based on the authorities of your job, while limiting escalation of the

use of force.