Tip of Spear is the leading training center
for physical security, personal safety & self-defense in Alberta, Canada.

We passionately believe every life is precious and deserves

to be safe and protected as a basic human right.

As such, we provide professional, practical, current, effective education

to help people build the self-confidence and learn the skills

to keep not only themselves safe on and off the job,

but their families and communities they live in and serve.

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Most Popular Courses

Alberta Basic Security Training

Get your license to work as a security guard in Alberta. This accredited online or classroom course equips you to pass your provincial exam. Exam included!

Canadian Firearms Safety Course

Take your non-Restricted and Restricted firearms training to get your PAL and RPAL license.

Defensive Tactics (PPCT)

Get certified to use handcuffs & baton, and learn the principles of arrest & control and use of force. For peace officers & security guards. 


Take your provincial exam for your Alberta Basic Security Training or Alberta Investigators Training. Proctored exams scheduled regularly at our facility in Edmonton.

Provincial Proctored Exams

for ABST & AIT.

Why should you take your security guard training with us?

  1. We provide regularly scheduled proctored exams right here in our facility so you can get licensed to work in security services in Alberta as soon as possible. Plus the cost of the exam is included in the price of the course!

  2. We have a very high pass rate for the exam. We have added a lot of additional content to the course to make sure you learn everything you need to to pass the exam. Plus, we have an optional instructor-led review the morning before the exam and several practice exams that will prepare you well.

  3. We live and work in Alberta too, so we know what the security industry is like here and teach from that perspective, which gives you an advantage. This is not just about doing the minimum to get your license, this is about setting you up for success in your career!

  4. We go above and beyond to provide advanced training, guidance and support to help you get your license and find your dream job.

Most Recommended Courses

Tactical Communications

Learn how to address bylaw/policy violations and criminal offences based on the authorities of your job, while limiting escalation of the

use of force.

Situational Awareness

Learn how to recognize threat indicators around us and mitigate them before they turn into a  dangerous situation with this internationally-recognized program. 

Tactical First Aid

Learn how to address the two most likely and deadly medical situations while in a security or enforcement role and save a life.

ikmf slide.jpg

Tip of Spear is the only organization in Alberta that offers IKMF Krav Maga: the most effective, street-worthy defensive tactics system for civilians, enforcement and military.

IKMF Krav Maga

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What People Say...

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Sean P.

This is not just courses, at Tip of Spear, it is empowering, and will change how you think about health, mental health, and self-defense. It does not matter if you are considering firearms safety, martial arts, or something like handcuffing certification, this company, it feels like an investment in you as a person.


Kalin P.

I have been a cop in the US for years including swat. This is far the most realistic and best training I have been to yet for defensive tactics.


Rachel H.

I just had an amazing one hour self-defense class at Tip of Spear: Krav Maga. The generosity to give a free lesson on International Women’s Self-Defense Day speaks volumes of Tip of Spear’s character. I found the facility clean and welcoming. The staff and volunteers were helpful, kind, friendly and knowledgeable. I recommend anyone to go check it out!

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