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Reviewing Reports at Desk


Security Assessments

Reducing risk and increasing personal safety


Today's effective security requires being one step ahead of criminal activity. Proactively protect your people, assets and operations with a comprehensive security assessment.


Security assessments proactively identify threats, assess vulnerabilities and evaluate risks and make effective recommendations for improving physical security.

The security assessment that does it all

Our comprehensive security assessments shed light on all the physical security risks and vulnerabilities of your operations, while providing effective recommendations to minimize and mitigate those dangers. It includes three essential parts: a threat assessment, a vulnerability assessment and a risk assessment.

Part A

Threat Assessment


Part B

Vulnerability Assessment

Assess your existing physical security measures and emergency response plans and procedures for clarity, accuracy and completeness.

Part C

Risk Assessment


How it works

Who are security assessments for?

Public Safety Professionals
  • Law Enforcement Officers

  • Fire Department Personnel

  • Crime Prevention Personnel

  • Emergency Management Personnel

  • Municipal, Provincial Administrators

  • Bylaw Enforcement Officers

  • School Resource Officers

  • Community Service Officers

  • Crime Free Multi-Housing Coordinators

Critical Infrastructure Professionals

Critical Infrastructure Architects
High Security Facility Architects
Critical Infrastructure Engineers
Physical Security Professionals
Utility Security Professionals
Critical Infrastructure Security Professionals
Dam Security Professionals
Military Security Professionals

Public Health Professionals

Technicians & Engineers
State Department of Health Personnel
Non-Profit Organizations

Design & Planning Professionals
  • Architects: Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Design, Conservation, Landscape

  • Planners: City, Urban, Park, Community Planners & Developers

  • Public & Corporate Art Professionals

  • Interior Designer

  • Engineers: Civil, Industrial, Structural, Sustainability

  • Developers: Retail & Mixed-Use & Commercial

  • Landscapers

Healthcare Facilities Professionals

Security Professionals
Facility Architects
Facility Engineers

  • Neighborhood Revitalization Groups

  • Neighborhood Watch Groups

  • Neighborhood Redevelopment Groups

  • Business Development Groups

  • Chamber of Commerce

  • Crime Free Personnel

  • Economic Redevelopment Group

  • Art Councils

  • Business Watch Groups

  • Neighborhood Associations

  • Community Development Association

Security Professionals

Security Consultants
Corporate Security
Homeland Security
Security Engineers
Cyber Security
Protection Professional
Physical Security Professional
Government Security

School & Campus Professionals

Planning & Facilities Administrators
Architects and Engineers
Resource Officers
Safety Personnel
District Security & Safety Personnel

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