Tactical Communications

This course has been designed to equip those working in an enforcement role an understanding of recognizing ourselves as factors of escalation (from what we say and or do), as well as utilize a proven communicative pathway of interaction with an individual to a positive outcome. 


This courses teaches:

  • Self-awareness

  • Positioning to the threatening person

  • Recognition of threat indicators

  • Deescalation techniques

  • Matching authority to action

  • Incident management from beginning to end of incident

  • Tools to recognize, develop options, mitigate risk, deescalate, and prevent assaultive subject behavior

The program begins with recognizing your current skill level and building on your personal strengths. It was designed to avoid the "cookie cutter" approach to conflict management. Each person has personal strengths which can be capitalized on and remembered under stress. The program gives you a framework which can be adapted to different types of incidents, depending on subject resistance and working environments.

The course has been developed from decades of personal experience in many different environments such as: healthcare, corrections, corporate, special events, hospitality, military and peace officer roles.


Tactical Communications
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