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Start your career as a security guard or in other related security services employment in the province of Alberta!


The Alberta Basic Security Training course is the place to start. It is commonly referred to as "security guard training." This government-required course is accredited through Alberta Justice and Solicitor General. It is the legal minimum training necessary to get your security guard licence and work in the security industry.

Our security guard course covers all the material you need to know to take your government exam to get your Alberta Security Services licence!

Alberta Basic Security Training


Classroom Course

Learn in-person with other students, in an interactive, engaging learning experience.


Online Course

Learn online 24/7 at home, at your convenience and your own pace.

You are then eligible to apply for your security licence in the the province of Alberta so you can begin your career in security!

" Completed my Alberta Basic Security Training with the best Instructor in the industry Kathie B. and I am really satisfied with the quality, delivery and overall value of this course. Learned so much critical information on the security profession in Alberta, my rights and the rights of others and how to handle relevant situations in the most effective manner. My sincere thanks goes out to Kathie and the team at Tip of Spear the preparation and training! Highly recommend others to visit and support this business."

- Haben E.

"Kathie was an absolutely incredible instructor for the ABST training course. Her teaching methods were a breath of fresh air, especially compared to online learning. She takes the time to understand the needs of her students, and learns each of them by name. TLDR; long class, it was awesome."

- Seany A.

"Friendly, professional service, and incredibly accommodating during these difficult times. I initially was worried about taking the 40 hour Alberta Basic Security Training course online, but the content was very well laid out, and easy to follow. Coupled with a physical copy of the course booklet, I was able to easily grasp all the concepts, and review at my own pace. I even managed to get a 98% on my Proctored Exam! I would highly recommend Tip of Spear Inc to anyone looking to start their Alberta Basic Security Training! Especially if you're a little hesitant to attend a classroom setting during COVID-19, the online delivery is consistently high quality, with lots of extra info and practical knowledge you might not get with other courses. 5 Stars!"

- Funk Y.

How to start:


Take the guard training course:






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Comparison of Tip of Spear security guard course options:

*Provincial exam is included in the cost of the course from Tip of Spear and is in-person at our facility in Edmonton. For more information, please visit the Proctored Exam page.

Need financial assistance?

We have developed several partnerships with local organizations

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Free Security Training Programs for more information

on the different programs.


Why choose Tip of Spear to take this training?



We are one of the largest and most trusted training centres in Alberta. We have successfully trained over 10,000 people over 10 years and our reputation with this program is well-known in the industry. Our key courses are accredited through Alberta Justice and Solicitor General.

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Exams Included

The in-person government exams are included in the price of our course, and regularly scheduled right here in our Edmonton facility. (Online exams are available for a fee.) We have a very high pass rate for the exam as we provide extra material, practice exams and an optional instructor-led review the morning before the exam.


Full Support

We go above and beyond to provide support and guidance on everything you need. Learn what the prerequisites are to start your career, complete your course, pass your exam, apply for your licence, and get that dream job. We help with it all!

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Alberta Advantage

We live and work in Alberta too, so we know what the security industry is like here and teach from that perspective, which gives you an advantage. This is not just about doing the minimum to get your licence, this is about setting you up for success in your career!


Qualified Instructors

Our instructors are real people with 30+ years of experience, in every protection career, from security professionals, peace officers, military, police, and more. We are constantly improving our high-quality material and instructional techniques so you effectively learn the skills you need.


Dream Careers

Don't stop with basic courses! Take our numerous other intermediate and advanced courses and career tools to help you progress through your security career, or move on to other protection careers. Whatever your career goals are, we help keep you growing towards them.

"There are so many security guard courses out there. How do I decide which one is best for me? Does it matter who I take my training from? Who offers the best training for the ABST program?"


Register for the Classroom Course

We offer an accredited classroom program, with the proctored exam written on the last day (Friday).  This program is by far the best learning experience.  You are guided by an in-person instructor who will share their extensive experience from working in the industry, as well as using current events to give examples of how to deal with a variety of situations. 

Duration: 40 hours over 5 days: Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm


  • $290 + GST to borrow a facility copy of the manual for the week

  • or $330 + GST to purchase a paper manual to keep and take home at the end of the week

Certification: Issued by Tip of Spear​


Need financial assistance? Read Free Security Training Programs

This course includes the following modules:

  1. Introduction to the Security Industry

  2. The Canadian Legal System and Security Professionals

  3. Basic Security Procedures

  4. Communication for Security Professionals

  5. Documentation and Evidence

  6. Response Procedures for Security Professionals

  7. Health and Safety for Security Professionals

What's included with your course tuition: 

Experienced instruction.

A copy of the course study material (to borrow or purchase for the classroom course, or purchase or download for the online course).


Access to online practice exams to ensure you're ready for your government exam.

Attend an in-person classroom review the morning before the exam (available for the classroom course or ABST Online Plus course) to give you an opportunity to ask any questions and learn any key points you may have missed in the course.

Take the in-person government exam at our facility in Edmonton for free! (Online exams are available for an additional fee.) Choose one of our regularly-scheduled dates that suits your schedule.

Guidance on the next steps and completing the security guard licence application.

Meet our ABST Instructor

Kathie has been in training and development for 20 years with a focus on security in the past 10 years. She is full of energy and creates a safe environment for her students to grow in their knowledge and confidence. She is passionate about equipping them for not only the exam, but for their careers in security and beyond. Kathie has received educational awards for her exceptional integrity and how she lives her life by example.

Register for a Classroom Session:

  • Alberta Basic Security Training: November 15th to 19th, 2021.  Mon-Fri
    Alberta Basic Security Training: November 15th to 19th, 2021. Mon-Fri
    Nov. 15, 8:45 a.m. – Nov. 19, 4:45 p.m.
    Tip Of Spear Inc, 11217 149 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5M 1W6, Canada
    This is the required course to get your Security Services license.
  • Alberta Basic Security Training: December 13th to 17th, 2021.  Mon-Fri