Proctored Exam for ABST & AIT

COVID-19 UPDATE:  Due to restriction on Social Distancing, we have limited space for our Proctored exams.  Therefore, we have limited our exam registration to this smaller number, and unfortunately this will cause our exams to fill up quickly.  We are  addressing this backlog by adding additional exam  writing times through the month of July.  Please check back for any additional exam options.

To limit the exposure to our students and Staff, the pre-exam review has been temporarily cancelled.

The ABST/AIT  licensing exam is administered by an official Provincial exam proctor at the Tip Of Spear training facility on specific dates each month. Participants must achieve a grade of 80% or higher to pass. License certificates will be issued and mailed, by the Solicitor General within 2-3 weeks of completion of the final exam for those who pass. 


You must be registered at least two days in advance of the exam (noon Wednesday in advance of a Friday exam). If you are taking an in-class course, your instructor will discuss registering for the exam date for that course (typically the Friday of the week of your course). If you are enrolled in our in-class training the same week of the exam then we will already have notified the Solicitor General's exam proctor of your expected exam attendance, however if you have taken the ABST training from our online training course, or from a different training facility, then we need at least 48 hours advanced notice so we can give the required notice to the Solicitor General's exam proctor. 


  • Have completely finished either the ABST or AIT course to 100%, and passed (with a minimum of 80%).   For online courses, please note that if you have not 100% completed your course, and have not received at least 80% on the course itself, you will NOT be permitted to take the proctored exam.

  • Government Issued Picture Identification (please note that school ID or Alberta Health Care cards will NOT be accepted).

  • A pen

  • NOTE: If you have been referred to us by a different course provider, you must provide proof of completing and passing the course, (such as a certificate, sent to our email).  Your Exam costs are not included unless your course is done through Tip of Spear Inc.  Choose the "RE-WRITE ABST exam / Referral" option, which will cost $50.00 plus GST to do so.  GST is included in the final price  


Exam Review:

There is a free instructor-led review from 9-11am for Tip of Spear classroom and ABST Online Plus courses ONLY. There is no review before the exam for AIT students or students who have taken any other course.  TEMPORARILY CANCELLED due to COVID-19

If you wish to attend the review and only purchased the basic course, you can pay for the review here:


Exam Start and Duration: 
Start times for exams are 1pm. and during the COVID-19 restrictions, we have added some 2:30pm exam times.  They take approximately one hour to complete. Students must arrive and sign in by 12:30pm (for the 1pm exam) or 2pm (for the 2:30pm Exam).


Free for your initial exam, if you have taken your course through Tip of Spear, or $50 + GST if you need to re-write the exam, or are writing on a referral from another course provider.


After the Exam - Applying for your Security Services license:

If you passed your exam, you will receive a certificate directly from the Solicitor General of Alberta, by mail, 2-3 weeks after the exam.  Keep this in a safe place.  You will then be able to apply for your Security Services license.  Instruction on how to do this are here.


Proctored Exam: July 31st, 2020. Friday 1pm Exam
Proctored Exam: July 31st, 2020. Friday 2:30pm Exam
Proctored Exam: August 14th 2020, Friday at 1pm
Proctored Exam: Aug 14th, 2020. Friday 2:30pm Exam
Proctored Exam: August 28th 2020, Friday at 1pm
Proctored Exam: Aug 28th, 2020. Friday 2:30pm Exam

Exam Tips

These exams take preparation. Study your manual, notes and complete your practice exams to feel confident with the material. Attend the test review (Temporarily Suspended) held on the morning of exam dates, information below.

The exam includes true/false, multiple choice, and short answer questions, therefore your proficiency in reading and writing English is important to successfully pass the exam. If you do not understand an exam question, ask the exam proctor to explain the question. They will not provide the answer. Tip of Spear Inc. will contact you by E-Mail, with the results of the exam, in order for you to continue your application process.


This exam DOES NOT include any physical activity testing.

  • Ensure that you are well rested and hydrated.

  • Ensure you arrive early to give yourself time to relax and get settled in. Rushing into an exam can result in making rushed choices.

  • If you are one of those people that get anxiety with testing processes, BREATHE.

  • Read through the exam questions slowly to ensure you understand exactly what is being asked of you.

  • Read the scenario question then begin answering the questions.

  • Do not read into the questions. Answer the question as if you have all the information from the question itself.

  • Answer the questions you are sure of first, then work through the remaining questions.

  • If you have a question about what a word means or how a question is presented, you may ask the proctor for clarification. 

  • Answer the scenario question COMPLETELY. Explain your thought process, as there are opportunities for part marks.

  • Participants must have completed the in-class 40 hour training program OR our online course to be eligible to take the exam.

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