Yoga for First Responders


The need is clear. In one segment emergency personnel may witness more trauma, loss, death and destruction than the average citizen will see in a lifetime. It is estimated that 25 to 30 percent of police officers have stress-based physical health problems and 40 percent suffer from sleep disorders. Numbers are rising for Post-Traumatic Stress among all emergency personnel; 18 percent in police officers, 10 to 37 percent in fire service. Yoga for First Responders provides vital emotional-wellness and mental-resiliency training in academy settings, in-service trainings, and community-based programs.


Yoga for First Responders (YFFR) was created by Olivia Kvitne, a yoga instructor and published journalist who first offered trauma-sensitive yoga and resiliency training to the Los Angeles Fire Department and Los Angeles Police Department after having worked with veterans and military.


I am excited to bring this program to Edmonton for any active First Responders who work in Law Enforcement and Security, Fire Services, and Emergency Medical Services. I have been working as a First Responder in the law enforcement field for the past 9 years, and I believe this program will be providing skills and filling a gap in training for our First Responder community.


YFFR roots itself in the foundation of Trauma-Sensitive Yoga and mindfulness while adding the element of physical challenges paired with mental training.

Drop-in classes are Fridays from 5-6pm.  First class is free, and $15 per class (pay as you go).  If you have any questions, please contact me at:


-Janine Mills Yoga for First Responders Instructor and Ambassador in Edmonton


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