Weapons Defense Course - November 14 - 18, 2016

This course covers basic defenses against weapon attacks.  Each day will focus on a variety of attacks from different weapons, angles and positions.  The officer/student will learn the most effective defense against an attack from an armed assailant that could increase his/her survival.  The program will challenge you physically and mentally. It has been designed to help you perform under pressure for this reason.

You can attend the entire program or specific days depending on your operational needs. See below for day information on specific day curriculum. 



Jean Paul Jauffrett/ IKMF GIT/ Director Security/Law Enforcement/ French Foreign Legion Instructor

Instructional Skills Taught:

Lecture, Timeline, Situational Awareness, Defense against Knife, Stick and Baseball Bat, Axe, Machete, Common Objects, Chain, and basic Firearms.

Course Duration:

This program has been developed 14 - 18 (Monday to Friday)

Course Begins at 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. 

Required Equipment:

Indoor Running Shoes, Sweat Clothing, Water bottle, Snacks, Towel. 

Course Curriculum:

Monday - Defenses focusing on Stick, Axe, Machete, and Chain. 

Tuesday - Defenses focusing on Knife threats and Knife attacks. 

Wednesday - Defenses focusing on Handgun threats and use. 

Thursday - Defenses focusing on Assault rifle / use as a cold weapon.

Friday - Defenses focusing on Common Objects. 

Total Program Cost:

(5 Days) $649.99

1 Day Attendance Cost:

(1 Day or multiple) $149.99


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