Verbal Judo - 1 Day Introduction


Tip of Spear Inc. is pleased to announce that we now offer the Verbal Judo program as part of our regular curriculum. This program has been taught to law enforcement agencies across North America as a mandatory part of their training. 


This skill has become a crucial part of training due to the ever increasing use of video. How we talk, look and act in front of an "Audience" (Social Media) can either be a double edged sword...either really good or catastrophic. How many times have you watched a video and cringed inside? This course allows you to show your true professionalism, develops a pathway for the interaction to follow, and allows you to feel confident in your abilities. 


The 1 Day training program allows us to show you key concepts of the program. The difference between the two day and the one day is that time is allowed to practice key concepts and certification. 


  • Topics Covered Include:

    1. The ever-increasing importance of effective tactical communications in a digitally recorded world.

    2. Articulating what is reasonable and necessary – “words failed and I can prove it”.

    3. Developing the professional mindset necessary to remain calm.

    4. The Anatomy of a Verbal Assault.

    5. LEAPS - five essential communication tools.

    6. The role of stance, distance and positioning in effective communication.

    7. S.A.F.E.R. - the five times when words fail.

    8. The 5 step tactic for overcoming resistance.

    9. The 8 step tactic - a framework for a verbal encounter.


With information from the students we develop scenario related approaches for assessment.




Examples of people that would currently find great benefit of the program would be those working in the Law Enforcement, Peace Officer, Correctional or Security/Loss Prevention /Casino Security.

Required Equipment:

Length of Training: 2 days 
(16 hours)

Start Time:
09:00 hrs. to 17:00 hrs

Course Description

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