Security Guard Courses

The following Security Services courses are highly specialized training courses for those starting or advancing their careers as a security guard, peace officer, private investigator, or other enforcement functions. The following catalog lists the basic and advanced course offerings.

3 fundamental basic courses for those starting their career in Security Services:

  1. Alberta Basic Security Training (ABST)

  2. Defensive Tactics (PPCT)

  3. Tactical Communications




Security Guard Course

Start your career as a security guard in Alberta by taking the 40-hour accredited Alberta Basic Security Training (ABST) in-person or online. The provincial exam is also included in the cost, and regularly scheduled at the Tip of Spear facility in Edmonton. Courses start at $98.


Defensive Tactics (PPCT)

Get certified to use handcuffs, baton and learn the physical mechanics of Use of Force and arrest & control. Employers require staff to take this course prior to handling handcuffs, and the Alberta Solicitor General requires the full 40 hour course to have the additional qualification to carry a baton. Recertifications also available.


Tactical Communications

Learn how to take a professional approach to address bylaw or policy violations and criminal offences based on the specific Authorities of your role. Limit escalation of the use of force so that physical force is only used when all other options are exhausted.  


Loss Protection

Learn the different types of retail crime and how to prevent it. This advanced course for security staff specializes in loss protection in the retail security. It's also of great value for retail managers needing additional information on the security aspect of their business.


Special Event Security Management

This advanced course provides an in-depth look at the types of entertainment, issues common with events, numerous factors which lead to complexities and the physical security approaches to providing a safe and secure attraction.