Special Event Security - Training Program

Welcome to the Tip of Spear Inc. Special Event Security - Training Program. This program was designed to assist you in developing skills to work in a special event setting. 


The program provides an in-depth look at types of entertainment, issues common with events and the physical security approaches to providing a safe and secure attraction. The complexities of these events depends on many factors, these factors are taught to ensure you understand as many aspects of the event risk. 


This program has been developed from years of experience in the special event industry. The program is a 16 hour training program with narration, quizzes and current content. A certificate of attendance is provided upon completion. 


Subject material includes;

  • Introduction to the Special Event Security Industry,

  • Managing the crowd,

  • Customer service,

  • Alcohol service factors,

  • Tactical Communications,

  • Situational Response,

  • Emergency Response,

  • Equipment overview,

  • The OPSEC Process.


The course includes the following;

Course Material and instruction (On-Line Format/ Audio included)

Downloadable content and documents for study

Videos for review and training

Exercises/study material to ensure comprehension

On-Line Practice Exams



                                                    Cost: $78.95 + Gst



Course Description

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