What We Do

Tip of Spear Inc. was created in 2011. The company was developed to assist in the training and development of security and investigators entering the industry. The Alberta Government had developed a program to ensure quality and consistency in training. This program was embraced by our company to drive this program with quality and consistency in its delivery and continued development.  


We offer industry proven programs that empower your staff to make the right decision under pressure and when it counts. 

Customized Training Solutions

We can develop customized training programs for your agency and or corporation. We complete an assessment of your needs and integrate the information into current industry standards that are directly applicable to your employees. These programs can be delivered either in a classroom or online format, blended programs are also available. 

Training Needs Assessments 

We can asssist in determining what training requirements you have based on past activity, incidents and employee feedback. Interviews can be conducted to ensure the training is right for you and developed to be directly applicable in the field. 

Relationships built on Trust

We have worked on building a reputation of trust within the industry. This is a crucial part to our relationship with you. 


As Tip of Spear Inc. grew, we developed key relationships with leaders that provide quality programs to these people to ensure that they are given every opportunity to work effectively and safely. We continue these relationships as a cornerstone to our service model. 

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