Safety & Prevention Training

The best form of self-defense is avoiding getting into a situation where you need to use self-defense skills. The following personal safety and conflict prevention courses are designed to focus on developing situational and personal awareness, and communication skills in order to limit confrontation. If you do happen to be in a physical confrontation, remediation skills are also important.


Situational Awareness

Arcuri Group's Situational Awareness Specialist® (SAS) certificate program is designed to provide an understanding the dynamics of random and potential threat events. It trains the individual to recognize leading indicators in people and the environment, and avoid or mitigate them proactively, before it turns into a high risk, dangerous or physical situation. 


Dynamic Communications

Learn what to do should you ever encounter a situation where conflict arises in the workplace, which could lead to assaultive behavior, and to stay safe in that situation. This course teaches you to recognize the signs, signals and behaviour cues that will increase your personal and organizational safety and your positive colleague and customer service interactions.


Tactical First Aid

This program focuses on the most common and most deadly medical scenarios that security and enforcement staff will encounter on the job. This program includes learning how to stop massive bleeds, such as from stab or gunshot wounds, and recognizing opioid overdoses and being able to respond to them confidently. Ideal for those working alone, in a high-risk role, or civilians. 


Canadian Firearms Safety Course

Learn how to safely handle a firearm safely with the official, mandatory program from the Government of Canada which requires anyone handling firearms to complete to obtain their firearms license.