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Register for Job Opportunities in Security

We have great relationships with a lot of employers throughout Alberta. They trust the quality of the training we provide, and the skills and confidence of the guards we train. Since you have trained with us, if you would like to be considered for a possible job opportunity with one of our partner employers, please complete the form here.


Please note that this does not guarantee you a job, only an opportunity to be made known to an employer. If an employer is interested in interviewing you for a specific job, you will hear directly from them. This means that by filling out this form, you agree to share your contact information with prospective employers.

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I can work
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Thanks for submitting your information! If an employer is interested in interviewing you, you will be contacted by them directly. We encourage you to continue to look for work on your own as well.


Please use our job resources as these will help you be successful in getting a job: Become a Highly-Employable Candidate to get that Security Job and Preparing Yourself to Apply for a Job

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