The Advanced Loss Prevention program has been developed to add value to the Alberta Basic Security Training program, focusing on the loss prevention industry. This course can be beneficial to supervisors and managers of a retail function needing additional information on the security aspect of their business.


This course has been developed with input from current employers in the field, and time honored approaches to the loss prevention industry. Upon completion of this course and exams, you will have completed the instructional requirements to obtain your certificate of completion.


Course Topics include:

  • Introduction to the Loss Prevention Industry

  • Terminology

  • Characteristics of a Loss Prevention Staff Member

  • Reasons for Theft

  • Types of Loss Exposures

  • Crimes Involving Property

  • Theft - The Process

  • Methods of Theft

  • Asset Identification

  • Target Hardening

  • Physical Security

  • Subject Indicators

  • Company Policy and Procedures

  • Arrest and Related Risks

  • Documentation, the Police and the Court Process

Advanced Loss Protection


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