Acoustic Armour – the secret hidden within a PPL.

Acoustic Armour is about sound proofing our minds so they are less vulnerable to whatever noise comes their way- be that noise physical, psychological or spiritual in nature.

Acoustic Armour is self-directed and promotes a life-long immunity to a host of destructive psychological noises like peer/social pressure, occupational stress, relationship/financial stress, undisciplined anger, acute anxiety/fear, traumatic experiences (PTSD), addictions, depression and loss of purpose/suicide ideation.


Acoustic Armour is portable (always goes with us), wholistic (effective against all types of mind noise), pre-emptive (in place before the assault takes place), cumulative (becomes more impenetrable with time and practice), personal (complements all life styles and occupations regardless of gender, age or cultural background).


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Acoustic Armour


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