PPCT 1 Day DT/Handcuff Recertification

We have developed this program to award those that have chosen us as their PPCT Provider. In order to attend this yearly recertification, you must have the following;

-A current PPCT (or close to current) 2 Day Certificate from Tip of Spear Inc.

-Bring your manual from your previous PPCT Training Class.

-Be physically prepared for a busy day, exercise to make the course enjoyable. 


*Exceptions on previous trainers will be considered on a case by case basis. Please call the office and speak to us about your previous training and provider.

You will attend earlier in the day to review uses of force and lecture. You will be expected to review your manual prior to the course to prepare for the written exam. 

Course start time 8:00 AM for Recertification. 

Note: Classes fill quickly, book as far in advance as possible to hold your spot. 

Choose the month you would like to re-certify and select that date in paypal for payment and registration. 

Training Dates:

December 17, 2017

January  28. 2018

February  25, 2018

March  25, 2018

April  29, 2018

May  27, 2018

June  24, 2018

July  29, 2018

August  26, 2018

September  23, 2018

October  28, 2018

November  25, 2018

December  9, 2018 



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