New Partnership with the Canadian College of EMS

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Tip of Spear is proud to announce a new partnership with the Canadian College of Emergency Medical Services! The Canadian College of EMS has developed a custom program for Tip of Spear called Tactical First Aid.

This program focuses on the most common and most deadly medical scenarios that security and enforcement staff will encounter on the job. Whether they are working alone, in a high-risk role, or in a hospital/medical environment, this program will equip them to be able to confidently address the scenario until medical professionals arrive on scene. This program includes learning how to stop massive bleeds, such as from stab or gunshot wounds, and recognizing opioid overdoses and being able to respond to them. This program is open to security and enforcement staff, and civilians.

Why Tactical First Aid?

Times are changing: crimes are up. Stabbings happen daily in our cities, and Canada is in the midst of an opioid crisis. Security and enforcement staff are often the first ones to respond to serious incidents, or be involved in one, but are often grossly underprepared to handle them. Whether providing self-care because you are working solo, care to your partner, or following your Duty of Care with the subject involved, these are key skills which could buy you time and save a life.

For more information, and to register for our first class, please visit:

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