Beyond Physical Security: Cyber Security and more

In the past, security programs usually consisted of physical security guards, sometimes a physical security manager along with some systems like CCTV, access control and alarm systems that operated independently of one another. Other aspects of security such as cyber security, risk, audit and business continuity were run separately (if at all) and usually independently.

Security in the 21st century is broader, multi-disciplined, integrated and more complex than ever before. There are many different, overlapping, or diverse areas of security to consider and operating in only one of these areas limits our ability as professionals to deliver truly effective and ‘holistic’ security programs. The good news is that the current and future security landscape therefore offers more opportunities to security professionals than ever before.

So what’s the key to success? In my opinion – one of them is education. Over recent years many professional security organizations have done an excellent job offering recognized and respected security certifications and designations in a wide range of security disciplines. The broader your knowledge among these disciplines, the greater success you can achieve both in your career and in the successful delivery of first-class security programs.

At we provide career maps and online study groups to help our fellow security professionals achieve the best success they can for themselves and for those that they support and advise. Our online study groups are designed to prepare you for passing the exams you will need to further your career and deliver the best possible security programs.

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