Passes & Pricing

Type of Passes & How they Work

  • In-person training passes, are available per person or per family (we love it when families train together so we offer a discounted rate!). 

  • Online training passes, are available per household

Online and in-person classes run simultaneously, so beginner in-person and online classes run together, at the same time, for example, so that those online feel like they are part of the the in-person class. Online students get individual attention and correction, as do the in-person students.


Things to know!

Passes automatically renew every month. Monthly plans can be cancelled at any time without penalty by logging into your account on our website or app and cancelling the pass, or contacting us by email. Our policies are posted and there is no fine print or contract. Please note that the first month's registration is non-refundable. And if you're curious, here's why we have monthly passes.

"Learning how to defend myself in a safe and supportive environment is amazing! Dave is such a great instructor who somehow always finds the time to work with everyone individually to help them improve. Getting fit is fun at Tip of Spear and I really feel like I am part of a community. Would recommend this class to everyone!"

- Claire L.

We are now accepting registrations!


You may now register for in-person or online classes below. This first payment covers your first month of training and is non-refundable.

Register For Beginner Classes (Newbie/P0)