Welcome to the Tip of Spear Inc. Military / CQB Seminar. This program has been developed to assist the competitive airsoft and professional law enforcement / military community with movement, positioning and tactics. 

Instructor: Jean Paul Jauffret

"Expert 4 in Krav Maga - Among highest ranked in IKMF Federation - One of two globally, Expert 4 Instructors. Specialized in self defense, close protection and police tactics. Expert in Krav Maga close protection, police, security and military tactics

Specialized instructions in Israeli combat tactics. Expert in professional police force intervention tactics. 

Instructor in Combat Shooting."


Course Outline:

Day 1 - Military Dry Drills with regards to pistol and rifle dynamics. Movement and use the focus of the day. Cold weapon use. 


Day 2 - CQB Seminar with airsoft weapons. Focusing on scenarios/

Individual, and team approaches. 


Day 1 - Airsoft pistol/ rifle - sling and holster. (Rentals Available). 

Comfortable clothing, water bottle, towel and meals/snacks.

Day 2 - Airsoft pistol/ rifle - sling and holster. (Rentals Available). Any tactical gear (Protective Gear Rental Available) as worn on field or on duty. 


November 26 & 27, 2017. 

Location: Tip of Spear Inc. / Force on Force

Cost: $315.00 + GST.  Training T-Shirt Included with registration.

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