Course Description



This introduction program has been developed in order to give you the opportunity to see if the program is what you are looking for. Like any of us, we do not want to invest in something before we know it works, has value and matches what we fundamentally want to learn.

This program is open to the public, ages 13 and up (parental consent required).  




#1. INTRODUCTION CLASSES - 5 Classes for $35.00 + Gst.  This lets you get a feel for the program. 

#2. PUNCH PASS MEMBERSHIP - 10 Classes for $150.00 + Gst. 

This option was built for shift workers and people who cannot attend both classes weekly. 

#3. MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP - $119.99 + Gst. ( 2 Days Per Week until passing P1 testing, then opens up to 4 classes weekly )

Best value and allows you the benefits of membership.

#4. YEARLY MEMBERSHIP - $1239.99 + Gst. (One time payment - 1 Month Free)  Approximate a 10% discount, eliminates fees and allows the ease one easy payment.


Association Membership - IKMF Association Membership 


Uniform and accessory options! Backpacks/Hooded Tops/ Jackets

Value is the key component to any program. Not only from a monetary point of view (cost), but from a content point of view. What value does this program offer and is it a club/program that I can take pride in being a member? Will it give me tools that can help keep me safe?


Here are just a few Student Reviews;

"Great teacher, this was my first class ever and David made me feel welcome and I learned lots of new things. Will definitely be coming back in the future."


"Intense class, excellent workout! I learned an awful lot in just the one class. Can't wait for the next one!"


"I've never done anything like this and was surprised at how much I absolutely loved it! Practical skills, fantastic workout, and welcoming atmosphere. 5-stars all around!"


We do not want to pressure you into a program that does not work for you. This introduction is a one time opportunity to see;


  • How the program runs,

  • Is it run in a safe manner, 

  • Who attends,

  • How the instructors teach,

  • Content of the program, 

  • Physical expectations, 

  • Are students respectful towards each other,

  • Are the instructors respectful towards the students,


Required Equipment: indoor running shoes, sweat clothing, small towel, water bottle. 


Class Times:

Beginner / Advanced Classes - Tuesday and Thursday  6:00 pm to 7:30 pm, Second Class 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm. 


Advanced Classes - Monday and Wednesday Classes - 9:30 am to 11:00 am,  open to both Beginners and Advanced at Tip of Spear Inc. 


Come see why people come to our programs, give us a chance to work

with you and develop skills for your safety!  




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