Krav Maga Self-Defence Classes

Self-defence for the real world


IKMF Krav Maga is a globally-recognized

defensive tactics and combatives system,

and is the most practical and effective system used by

civilians, enforcement and military in the world.

Whether you are a police officer, peace officer, security guard, who wants to have extra tools to stay safe on the job, or a citizen who wants to learn how to protect yourself within the means of the law, Krav Maga self-defence classes in Edmonton or online are the place to start.


Tip of Spear is the only facility in Alberta that offers self-defence training using the most effective method available: IKMF Krav Maga.  Krav Maga (“combat with contact” in Hebrew) is highly intuitive, efficient, easy-to-learn, and proven on the battlefield.  Learn hand-to-hand combat as well as how to handle attacks against other types of weapons, such as knife attacks. This program develops numerous life skills such as confidence and self-awareness, and physical fitness.  Read more about the system in our article What is IKMF Krav Maga or watch the free 20 minute video lessonBelow is everything you need to know about training with us at Tip of Spear.

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"Dave is a great teacher in every aspect. He talks to you like a person and has no sense of "I'm better then you". Great person to help educate and build confidence! I highly reccommend him for anything!"

- Amanda M.

"I have always enjoyed combat fitness but this class is different than any class I’ve ever taken. You learn defence manoeuvres for specific real life situations and play games that improve your reaction time and help you feel more comfortable using them. It’s also a great work out and Dave is an amazing instructor! I’m always looking forward to my next class! You’ll feel empowered, fitter, and just have tons of fun."

- Agatha M.

You are enough to start, just as you are! 

One question we often get is whether or not someone is good enough, fit enough, or has enough experience to start. Our answer is always: wherever you are at is perfect. All students are encouraged to work at their pace, while continually challenging themselves. Students will never be forced to do something they don't feel comfortable doing. We are here to learn, grow and get better, in our fitness, skills, awareness and confidence!

Why IKMF Krav Maga


Did you know that not all Krav Maga is the same? Most Krav Maga studios belong to an association that teaches their own perspective of it.


So why do we specifically teach IKMF Krav Maga? Krav Maga as a combatives system was developed in the 1930s by Imi Lichtenfeld who had an extensive knowledge of many different martial arts. Imi eventually founded the International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF). Created to serve as the official self-defence system for the Israeli army, it has been adopted by most of the special forces around the world. The IKMF is an internationally-renowned organization and works with some of the highest level military, operators, special forces, law enforcement and civilians around the world. IKMF Instructors for this program work closely with the Global Instruction Team (GIT) and Israel HQ to ensure that technique is current, correct and effective. They have been screened, taught, thoroughly tested, and they are continually evaluated to ensure you have a program that is consistent, cohesive and modern.

Why train in IKMF Krav Maga? 

"Honestly the best instruction I’ve ever had the honour of receiving in any combative. The instructor and his assistants are extremely knowledgeable and very good at teaching the theory and how to put it to use in the real world. My wife and I have both been taking the courses together since October and always look forward to going."

- Lee W.


The IKMF is the largest Krav Maga organization in the world, now present in more than 85 countries and growing.


Once you become a member of the IKMF, you are able to travel to any other IKMF facility in the world to train with them.

The IKMF is the original organization founded by the founder of Krav Maga, Imi Lichtenfeld, and they preserve this history, intent and lineage of this legacy.

The global board of experts constantly evaluates and improves the technique to ensure it is easily learned and effective in the field. All official technique is tested and approved before it is taught. As a student, you always have the latest technical evolutions rather than outdated and ineffective technique.

The approach and philosophy is based on principles that are timeless and true, such as 200% defence, and leveraging the natural, instinctive movements of the body. These always supercede any formulated series of techniques, which is why it is not a martial art.

Types of Classes Offered


Bi-weekly Beginner Classes (Brand new/P0)

This class is for those who are new to Krav Maga and those who are working toward achieving their P1 level. Whether you have done little to no Krav Maga before, or have done other martial arts or sports, all students are welcome to start in the beginner class. It is open to the public, ages 13 and up (parental consent required for minors). Classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-7pm. In-person and online options available.

Purchase a beginner monthly pass to attend these classes.

Bi-weekly Advanced Classes (P1 to G1)

This class is for those who have passed their P1 level and want to work towards their P2 level or higher. Classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays 7-8pm. In-person and online options available.


Purchase an advanced monthly pass to attend these classes.

Private Classes

We also offer private classes for those who want individualized learning. This is ideal for those who are uncomfortable being in a group class, have injuries that need special attention, need more support from previous assaults, or who just want to amp up their game. The instructor can accommodate 1-2 individuals at a time for this option. Classes are $85 per hour, and would be scheduled at a time that works for both the student and the instructor. Time slots are typically 4, 5 or 8pm weekdays and can be scheduled up to twice per week.


If you are sure you can meet one of these time slots, and you are flexible, you are welcome to go ahead and purchase individual private classes. We will then contact you to book a time that works for you and the instructor. If you aren't sure about scheduling, please contact us first to discuss options.

Private Group Classes

If you have a group of 3 or more who would like to arrange for a single class, or an ongoing series of classes, we would be happy to work with you to meet your needs. You may be a business who often handles agitated public, or who are looking for a team building activity. Or maybe you're a bachelor(ette) party, or community or students association who wants to have some fun and learn some practical skills. For more information, and to discuss pricing and scheduling, please contact us.

Meet our Krav Maga Instructor

Dave is Tip of Spear's Training Director and Krav Maga instructor, and the IKMF Regional Director for Western Canada. He has been working in a wide variety of security and protection careers over the past 30 years. After exploring almost every martial art available over the past 40 years to find ways to help him stay safe on the job, he discovered IKMF Krav Maga and truly believes it is the best system available. Dave is level G4 and has been teaching Krav Maga for many years. His students appreciate his humble instructional style and how he explains the mental and physical strategies to stay safe in different real-world situations. Read why Dave practices Krav Maga!

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Group Class Schedule

We run classes from mid August to mid December, and mid January to mid July, to give time to train hard for a few months, and then have a rest. A new student is welcome to start any time as the curriculum is taught in a fluid, rather than a structured format.


6:00 pm to 7:00 pm - Beginner IKMF Krav Maga Class, in-person & online

7:00 pm to 8:00 pm - Advanced IKMF Krav Maga Class, in-person & online


6:00 pm to 7:00 pm - Beginner IKMF Krav Maga Class, in-person & online

7:00 pm to 8:00 pm - Advanced IKMF Krav Maga Class, in-person & online


Passes and Pricing

Monthly passes are available for individuals and families (in-person) and households (online). Individual private classes can also be purchased. See all options for all types of classes and register here:


Still deciding?


Learn about what Krav Maga is, where it came from and how it works, from our instructor Dave. It gives you a sense as to his style, mentality, and how classes are run. This free 20 minute lecture-style class is one that you can take online at your own pace.


Required Gear

Beginner students:

To have the best experience, we require our beginner students to have the following equipment to use during class:

  • clean indoor running shoes (mandatory)

  • comfortable workout clothes

  • water bottle


Advanced students:

To make sure all of our students stay safe and protected, we require them to have the following equipment to use during class:

  • clean indoor running shoes (mandatory)

  • mouth guard

  • MMA gloves (preferred over boxing gloves)

  • groin protection (for men and women)

  • shin guards (foam not plastic)

  • Tip of Spear Krav Maga t-shirt and black track pants or shorts (this is part of the uniform). You can purchase your Tip of Spear t-shirt uniform on our App under the Shop tab and pick it up when you arrive to your first class.

  • water bottle

  • towel (optional)

Tip of Spear has partnered with The Clinch Fight Shop to offer students discounted rates on gear. When you go into the store, tell them that you are a Tip of Spear student and they will give you a minimum of 10% off (on non-sale items). For more information, visit The Clinch Fight Shop's website.


Attending your First Class

Maybe you feel confident coming into your first class, or maybe you are nervous. Either way, know that you are coming into a safe place! Our community is warm and welcoming for all people, backgrounds and skill levels. We encourage all students to come into class with a positive attitude and an open mind to try. This will enable the learning process within yourself and make the experience really enjoyable. If you have any special considerations that our instructor should know, such as injuries or previous traumas, please tell him at the beginning of class privately, so he can be sensitive to your situation and adjust technique as necessary.

In-Person Classes

Come to Tip of Spear 15 minutes before your class to get your gear on and show proof of vaccination. Introduce yourself to our instructor, Dave, and have some fun!

Online Classes

Please follow these instructions to set up your device before attending your first online class.

  1. Install both the Zoom and Spaces by Wix apps on your mobile device.

  2. Register for a free account with Zoom.

  3. Find Tip of Spear's classes on the Spaces by Wix app by entering Invite Code EP1CXA. Log in with the same email you used to purchase your pass, as that's the one connected to your pass.

  4. Book your class ahead of time on our App, and a unique Zoom link will be emailed to you, or you can access the class from the Spaces by Wix app where you booked it.

  5. 5-10 mins before the start of class, please sign into the Zoom class with your full name, as we will be checking these against the class roster before permitting them into the class.

  6. Let's have some fun!

Krav Maga Lessons at Tip Of Spear
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