Course Description

Kettlebell Training 

"Kettlebells for Security and Self Defense"

The physical and fitness requirements for a career in security and for self defense bring with them a very specific series of challenges that often aren't addressed through sport and general fitness training. Explosive anabolic cardio, extended periods of high intensity muscle contraction over multiple muscle groups, grip strength - all are components of fitness that a security professional relies upon during a physical altercation. Standard gym programming focuses on isolating muscle groups and static range free weights. Kettlebells are one of a group of dynamic weighted pieces of equipment that target the deficiencies in that programming. 

Course Description: 45-Minute Kettlebell Class
- Instruction on safe kettlebell technique and dynamics
- Grip strength and mobility training
- High Intensity, High Effort workout

Recommended Equipment
Non-restrictive or form fitted athletic wear that does not bind movement, especially in the hip and quad.
A water bottle

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