Testing Information

You are tested with each level of the IKMF Krav Maga System for competency and physical abilites. The testing averages 1 - 2 hours per level, with longer timings of testings going into higher levels. 

Being prepared. 

We work with you to ensure that every technique of that specific level is known and executed precisely as required for the test. Our job as instructors are to ensure that there are no suprises. Your job is to ensure that you hydrate, eat and practice your technique to perfection!

Fees for Testing.

The following fees will apply to the initial test P-1. 

$50 - IKMF Passport (One Time Purchase) Allows you to show your level of proficiency at other gyms. 

$50 + Tax for Actual Test

Krav Maga T-Shirt as part of the uniform. Black pants if IKMF pants are not available as a uniform requirement. 

Test Day.

Bring water (Electrolytes), snacks, Arrive 30 Minutes prior to test time. 


Groin Protection, Mouth guard.  

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