Hygiene Expectations

This course is a physical training course which requires students to have hands on training. You will be working in close proximity of other students, for this reason, the following guidelines will be instituted to ensure all parties enjoy the training. 


  • Shower prior to the course.


  • Wear clean clothing for the course.


  • Indoor running shoes.


  • Trim nails to avoid scratching other persons in the program. 


  • Use deoderant, (Please avoid heavy perfumes).


  • Brush your teeth.


Wear your hair (if long) in a way that it will not impede training or cause you injury. (Pony or bun)


Instructors have the authority to remove any persons from the class not meeting the hygiene expectations. This does not mean a refund. You can attend the class on a later date. Should it occur again, you will not be permitted to return. 


Come, have fun, respect others! 

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