Designed for the STREET…. Not the RING...are you ready for the ring or the STREET?


We are here to provide you with a means of self defense that is proven, effective and easy to learn. This program was developed to empower you, challenge you and give you critical incident options. 


The Ground Defense Seminar is intense and based on IKMF Krav Maga and is designed for reality situations.  This  3 hour seminar is based on the IKMF Krav Maga world renowned ground defenses.


These techniques are currently used in the most hostile environments by many agencies, secret service and military units throughout the world.



The program will challenge you physically and mentally. We have designed it to help you act under pressure for this reason. The instructors and classroom setting is friendly and we work together to build skills. 


Skills taught: Timeline, Situational Awareness, Stances, Falling, Moving, Getting up, Escapes from holds, and Multiple attackers Defense all on the ground.


Call us if you have any questions on content or how the class is run.


Equipment Requirements;

Workout clothing (t-shirt/Sweat shirt/Sweat pants/Runners)


Water Bottle recommended/ Bring snacks and lunch



Ground Defense Seminar - 3 Hours

Course Description

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