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Our ability to professionally present ourselves is a critical factor in not only effectively working with others, but may be a direct factor in our personal safety. Workplace violence is a serious issue that has the potential to affect any occupation or business sector, possibly threatening the safety and security of every employee and employer. These courses teach you to have the confidence to know what to do should you ever encounter a situation where conflict arises, which could lead to assaultive behavior, and to stay safe in that situation.


Occupation Health and Safety legislation requires employers to take all reasonable precautions to protect the health and safety of employees. This provision includes protecting employees from a known risk of workplace violence. To prevent workplace violence, make an organizational commitment to fulfill the violence prevention training needs for you and all employees within your organization. 


This course was designed to support those working in any customer-facing corporate role, such as: Hotel and Hospitality, Professional Office staff, Recreational Facility staff, Reception, Retail Sales, Teachers, Sales, Supervisors and Managers


This seminar teaches you to recognize the signs, signals and behaviour cues that will increase your personal and organizational safety. It increases your positive customer service interactions while decreasing your exposure to negative customer service experiences. It includes:

  • How to recognize stress and how it affects us

  • Recognizing threat indicators in others by what they say and do

  • Develop skills of recognizing what the true issue is

  • Methods of diffusing situations through the use of words and tone of voice

  • What actions to take to prevent physical harm


This course challenges you to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and what we can develop based on your personal experiences. It is interactive, allowing us to learn as a group, building on your exact workplace issues. Your input is a valuable resource in developing a plan of action in these types of situations. 


Available to corporate groups or organizations by request, and can be taught on-site.  To request more information or to book a group course, please contact us.


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Dynamic Communications

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