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CPTED Assessments

Strategies for reducing criminal activity on property 


Get an assessment to proactively deter crime on property you own, manage or design with proven, scientific-based principles used worldwide.

CPTED Assessments

Who should have a professional CPTED Assessment done and why?

Business owners, homeowners and landlords in rural, residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural areas can all benefit from a CPTED assessment. For more information on what's included in an assessment, see our FAQ.


It is likely required to get a CPTED assessment if you:

  • Need to apply for a development permit in many municipalities.  If you are unsure, please contact the Development Officer from your municipality to confirm your requirements.

    • For the City of Edmonton, this applies to:

      • Any new commercial or industrial building stated in Section 58 of the Zoning Bylaw

      • Applications for: cannabis retail stores, liquor stores, above ground parkades and body rub centres

      • Applications that are to be reviewed by the Edmonton Design Committee

      • Certain Direct Control zones specifically request assessments for new buildings in their zoning

It is strongly recommended to get a CPTED assessment if you:

  • Are planning to move into a new property or have just moved into a new property, especially if it's in a neighborhood with a higher crime rate

  • Have been a victim of property crime

  • Live at a property with valuable contents

  • Are living in a property where response times for law enforcement or security companies are lengthy, such as in rural areas


While many people come searching for assessments following an incident of criminal activity on their properties, we recommend getting an assessment to help you take steps to reduce the likelihood of crime BEFORE that first encounter happens. No one is immune to crime.


Tip of Spear has extensive experience conducting assessments and educating the public on this program over the years. 

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