Community Peace Officer / Officer Safety - Recertification

Welcome to the Tip of Spear Inc. Community Peace Officer / Officer Safety - Re-certification course. This course has been developed in a combined online and physical skills format to maintain your training requirements within the province of Alberta. 

This course meets the threshold for mandatory training requirements on use of force.  This program has been created to give you the maximum training options regarding the modules that you need to complete to meet legislative requirements. 

Upon registering for the provided date you want to take your physical skills program, you will be provided access to the online training components prior to the physical skills classroom course. 

The online components guide you through the required theory behind the physical skills and must be completed prior to attending the regularly scheduled physical skills program. 

Part 1. Theory Online Training

The Theory Online training can be tailored to your specific agency. As an example, your agency does not use OC Spray or Batons, we can customize your learning components to the ones that fit your organization.


If you need additional components that fit your agency and want a consistent platform for training, please contact us as we have other programs that can meet your needs. 

Core Theory components are comprised of the following learning Topics;

Use of Force - Theory

Pressure Points - Theory

Shoulder Pin - Theory

Tactical OC Spray - Theory

Impact Weapon - Theory

Once you have successfully completed the online theory components, email or call us to confirm attendance to the date you have registered for. 

Part 2. Physical Skills Training - Classroom

The physical skills days (2) will focus entirely on physical applications of technique. Classes start at 08:00 am and run to 16:00 both days. 

Techniques reviewed;

Interview/ Approach considerations/ Defensive Tactics/ Movement/ Blocking/ Striking/ Handcuffing- Standing/ Kneeling and Prone/ Resistant subject cuffing/ Escort & Controls/ Take down to Handcuffing/ Search/ Baton Retention and use/ OC Spray Retention and use, alone and in combination with other tools. Other technique as required or requested.

Course Registration Provides you with;

1 Can Inert OC Spray

Certificate from PPCT / and OC Spray Certificate. 

Required Equipment:

Duty belt - Handcuffs/ Baton

Sweat Gear - Running Shoes (No outside shoes in Training Area)

Towel - Water bottle - Energy Snacks


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