Course Description

Community Peace Officer OC Spray - Recertification

Welcome to the Community Peace Officer OC Spray Re-Certification Course. This course has been developed to recertify you in the carry and use of OC Spray as a Peace Officer. 


This course has been certified through the Alberta Solicitor General as an approved program in it's content and delivery. The program has been created to give you the skills to properly assess the appropriateness of use, understand the advantages and disadvantages of using OC Spray, carry, draw and deployment considerations as well as active drills for skill development. 




  1. A current Peace Officer Appointment, 

  2. INDOOR Running Shoes.

  3. Hygiene Expectations for Physical Training. 

  4. Optional - Pen / notepad / Duty Belt-Handcuffs, flashlight, non-cut gloves, Handcuff Key. Physical training clothing. 

  5. Towel.



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