Upcoming Seminars and Events  

In our seminars and events you will learn skills on how to protect them and yourself in a range of different situations using the most effective defenses against an attack from armed or unarmed assailant(s) that could increase every ones survival.  The programs will challenge you physically and mentally. It has been designed to help you perform under pressure for this reason. 

You will learn simple but effective techniques and you will walk away with a sense of empowerment and confidence. Awareness and prevention, defend and escape; it just might save your life.


The programs are designed specifically with one purpose, help you stay safe. It has been tested and is continually refined from global resources to what is currently going on in society. Build your awareness, understand your goal and execute technique with the sole purpose of escape.  


- If you travel, this course is for you. We teach you awareness and the importance of having a plan to avoid confrontation if possible. 

- If you are working in an area that poses a risk to your safety due to location or clientele, this course is for you. Employers are asking employee's to do more with less, this can sometimes compromise your safety in process, location and lack of support.  


- If you have never taken a self defense program before, this program is for you. It is based on real world situations and effective responses to violence. 


The programs will challenge you physically and mentally. We have designed it to help you act under pressure for this reason. The instructors and classroom setting is friendly and we work together to build skills. 


Skills taught: Timeline, Situational Awareness, Stances, Falling, Moving, Striking, Kicking, Escapes from holds, Multiple attackers.



David Crane/ IKMF Instructor 


April 08 & 09 - 08:00 am - 12:00 pm - Self defense  Weekend Course $99.99

          P1 Weekend Course

          2 Day P1 weekend course is designed for shift workers and people who             live out of Edmonton to learn the fundamentals of Krav Maga with its                 first level.  If you are interested in advancing through Krav Maga then                 you must attend minimal of 4 weekend sessions and test.


Current students can attend for additional training but is not mandatory.  


August 04-07 - 9:00am - 4:00pm - 4 day Krav Maga Summer Camp 

          Train with one of the worlds best, while covering a range of the wolds                 most current defences against various attacks.

         Jean-Paul Jauffret

  •          IKMF Krav Maga Expert 4 (one of 4 in the world)

  •          IKMF Expert team member based out of Israel

  •          Director Security

  •          Chief of Police

  •          French Foreign Legion Instructor

  •          Expert in close protection of persons in hostile environments (VIP,       government officials etc.)​

          Optional Testing for those who are eligible Monday August 07 - 5:30 -                 additional $50.00 for P2 +; P1 $100


          Book through KravMagaSolution.com 

August TBA - 6:00am - 9:00pm - 3 hour IKMF Krav Maga Seminar $69.99

          Train with  Jean-Paul Jauffret, one of the worlds best, for a 3 hour                       seminar.

Additional Seminars:

Parent and child self defense seminar

          (You and your children learn how to protect yourself)
         1:30 - Krav Maga Testing

Women's Self Defense Seminar 

          (This seminar is designed for women of all ages and physical abilities.                  The seminar will teach you fundamental information that will help you               avoid and confront dangerous or uncomfortable situations.)

Choke defense Seminar

        (Learn how to defend against various choke attacks)

Stick Defense Seminar

        (Learn how to defend against various stick type objects)


 Civilian Self Defense 

                (We are here to provide you with a means of self defense that is                            proven, effective and easy to learn. This program was developed to                      empower you, challenge you and give you critical incident options. )

Knife Defense Seminar

               (Learn how to defend against various knife attacks)

Instructional Skills Taught:

Lecture, Timeline, Situational Awareness, Defense against single and multiple attackers.

Required Equipment:

Indoor Running Shoes, Sweat Clothing, Water bottle, Snacks, Towel. 

Total Program Cost:

Prices vary depending on seminar. Prices listed in Paypal Dropdown below. 

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