Community Peace Officer Certification Courses

Welcome to the Community Peace Officer Certification Course Page. These courses have been developed in a blended learning format to assist you in certifying to work in a CPO position within the province of Alberta. 

The program has been created to give you options regarding the modules that you need to complete to meet an employer's hiring requirments. 

These programs cover core aspects of the Community Peace Officer position, allowing the student to study at their own pace.

The benefits to the employer are lowered down time for the student, lowered vacation pay and or shift coverage pay, and consistent training processes ensuring that key components are covered. 

Modules of this programs can be taken individually, or as a series. This is to assist employers and or employee's to review modules that they want to refresh on. 

The modules of the program are as follows when taken as a series;

Here are the following programs directly developed for the Community Peace Officer Program.

CPO / Officer Safety - 2 Day Recertification



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