Centre Axis Relock (CAR)


The Centre Axis Relock (CAR) is an advanced firearms handling and strategy system. It has been showcased in popular culture via the John Wick movies, the video game Splinter Cell,  and many others. CAR was developed by the late Paul Castle for close-quarter real combat and is still taught by a select few. 

Are you interested to learn the principles of the CAR System for personal growth, enhancing your self-defense or increasing your abilities at shooting sports? Are you interested to see how CAR seamlessly integrates with other martial arts techniques and defense principles?

This course will cover:

  • Introduction to the CAR System of firearms usage and how that gives you increased skills for all tool use at close quarters

  • Realistic Self Defense skills focusing on high threat situations like multiple attackers, edged weapons and firearms

  • The CAR Systems 6 “Rs” (Reacting, Reducing, Reloading, Recovery, Returning, Retention)

  • How to use CAR to defend yourself in close quarter situations like vehicles, your home

  • How to accomplish 360° aimed fire from a seated position

  • Techniques for Close Quarter Confrontations including Edged

  • Weapon and Multiple Attackers


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Cost: $189 + GST

Duration: 1 day

Training Prerequisites:

  • Participants must be at least 16 years of age. 

  • The following equipment is recommended to get the most out of the training.  If you do not have this equipment, please email us prior to the course and we will set aside some loaners for you:

    • Airsoft Rifle / Carbine

    • Sling (one point easiest)

    • Airsoft Pistol

    • Holster/ Mag Holder

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