Assistant Instruction

This instruction has been created as a guideline for people wanting to help during class. This is not only wanted but encouraged. I want you to look at how people do a technique and take it apart so YOU can better understand the technique. From a development point, it allows you to look at checkpoints in the technique and become clean in the application. Under stress, our percentage of accuracy drops exponentially. Our goal is to maintain a high quality of action without stress so that the impact lessens under stress. 


Treat each new student with respect and remember that you were once where they were. Also remember that people come into these classes that may just want to get exercise, some technique and enjoy the atmosphere. Others may be here with a purpose as they experienced something traumatic in their lives and need to build confidence. We may never know, so we treat everyone the same. 

Respect in Instruction

Here are some tips for you that have worked for me over the years. 

1. Greet People - People need to be welcomed to our house. They are guests until they decide to join the group. I need you to meet them and help them feel welcome. We are not a clique, as people get more experience and level up, the onus on you to be a leader is more critical. You are a representative of our club. I am very proud of all of you and what you have accomplished. More will follow if we do it right! 

2. Touch - Respect touch and that a class does not give you permission to touch unless they are comfortable with that. Particularly with wrist grabs, chokes and headlocks. These can activate people from a base fear instinct. Ask to allow them to work with you on the choke, or if you need them to move point instead of touch. If you must touch, ask. Ensure that the area of touch is not inappropriate, ever. 

3. Go Slowly - People need time to process what after practice becomes second nature. Break the technique up into parts to allow the student to fully understand the flow. If they don't understand why you do something in a technique, tell and gently show what can happen if they don't fully understand. When you move fast and people are not experienced, it can again activate a base fear instinct. 

4. Voice Control and Language - Show patience and consideration with your voice. A student may completely mess the technique this class but with time away and thought (They practice at home as well), completely ace it the next class. Again different learning styles. Ensure that your voice is of appropriate volume to be heard and use language that is free from profanity. Some of the students are under the age of 18. Appropriate subject content and language is crucial. 

5. Make sure you are solid on the Technique - Showing a bad technique can cause issues down the road as well as frustration. Best advice here it to ask the Instructor to be sure. There is no harm in making sure that it is what is required. And the student will appreciate the concern to be accurate. 

6. Respect distance when speaking with people - As I instruct, I am taller so I need to stay back farther so they are not uncomfortable in their space. Be aware of the students actions as you speak to them, are they backing up, looking away, these may be indicators of being in their space. 

7. Build Trust - This takes time, consistent application of the above principles and their development of skills. As a group, our goal is to be the most successful club we can possibly be. It allows us to excel and opens up opportunities for us to get better. The STUDENT (including you) are our most precious 

8. Never Hurt the Student - Accidents happen, I myself have been hit and accidentally hit others thinking they had equipment on etc. They may have moved during a demo, but I never willfuly want to hurt a student. This breaks trust. When doing at technique, ensure that your target areas are not directly on the knee. Above on thigh and controlled. If there is a strike with an elbow, ensure the new student is not looking at the elbow! (Sorry Martin!). Show them how to avoid being hurt ie. turning the head, protective equipment etc. 

9. Have Fun - People come here to have fun, believe it or not. If you make it painful and un-enjoyable, people will not come back.