Nov 25/20

New Partnership with the Canadian College of Emergency Medical Services

Tip of Spear is proud to announce a new partnership with the Canadian College of EMS! The Canadian College of EMS has developed a custom program for Tip of Spear's Security and Enforcement clients, called Tactical First Aid. This program focuses on the most common and highest risk medical scenarios that security and enforcement staff who are in solo or high-risk positions are likely to encounter and equip them.


Sept 17/20

New Exclusive Partnership with Arcuri Group

Tip of Spear is proud to announce a new exclusive partnership with Arcuri Group LLC! Arcuri Group is the global industry leader in situational awareness training. Tip of Spear will provide the Situation Awareness Specialist┬« (SAS) training program in-person in the Province of Alberta through our SAS Certified Instructor - David Suffern CPP, SAS-AP. This strategic partnership allows Tip of Spear to provide much needed training that will improve the safety of all Albertans. The craft of situational awareness can be applied across all sectors - from oil and gas to security and enforcement to healthcare to schools and universities, etc...
For more information, please visit Situational Awareness Training.


Aug 21/20

New Job Postings section on our website

Tip of Spear is pleased to post job opportunities for security companies that have a partnership with us. This is where the best trained students in Alberta, and most notable security companies come together to add value to each other. View the Job Postings here.

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