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(AIT) Alberta’s Investigator Training Course - (Custom Program Content) (On-Line) 


This course, whether online, or in the classroom now the new legal mandatory minimum training to be a licensed Private Investigator in the province of Alberta - effective June 1, 2011. This program is offered in Online format only. Available 24/7/365


We have been successfully offering this program since it's inception with the government. Our students have completed the program to enter into the field of private investigation. 


If you have taken the Alberta Basic Security Training (ABST) program, this program is a more in-depth training process in comparison. It expands on the concepts listed below to ensure the student has a clear understanding of the requirements of working in this field. 

Subject material includes;

  • Introduction to the Investigation Industry,

  • Professionalism and Ethics,

  • Health and Safety,

  • Law and the Canadian Legal System,

  • Use of Force,

  • Investigations,

  • Communications and Report Writing,

  • Specialized Investigations,

  • The Business of Investigations

Course Includes:

Assistance completing the investigator license application. 

Online Course Instruction - Interactive with Voice Narration.

Electronic Manual

Electronic Practice Exams 

Government Proctored Exam (First exam cost covered if taken in the Tip of Spear Facility)


*You have 120 Days to complete the program from the time of registration. If over the 120 Days, a reactivation fee of $25.00 will be applied for one (1) extension.











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