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Acoustic Armour

The ancient martial wisdom of sound-proofing the body, mind and spirit.

Who and What is playing with the health, happiness, security and potential of your life?  

When would be the right time to reclaim the mastership of your life?

This program is clinically documented and empirically shown to effectively cleanse and protect a human life from stress, anxiety, anger, doubt, self-blame, addiction and trauma.

Acoustic Armour is a uniquely protective and empowering understanding/practice that promotes life-long immunity from destructive noises like: peer/social pressure, occupational stress, relationship/financial stress, undisciplined anger, acute anxiety/fear, traumatic experiences (PTSD), addictions, loss of purpose/ suicide ideation.

Tip of Spear is offering this exclusive program, aimed at assisting those wanting to take charge of their wellness and life.  This program is ideal for those working in the following fields:

  • Senior Management       

  • Security Personnel

  • First Responders       

  • Social/Health Care Professionals

  • Military Personnel       

  • Professional Athletes

  • Emergency Room Staff       

  • Corrections Personnel

  • Air Traffic Controllers/Pilots/Attendants       

  • Educators

Acoustic Armour is the most significant PPA, Personal Protective Armour we can ever incorporate into our daily lives.  It is about acknowledging the “who” and the “what” and then: recognizing, re-vitalizing and continually reinforcing the power of the CALM that exists within each of us.  Acoustic Armour is the Ancient Martial Wisdom of sound-proofing our personal calm so that it can then absorb and deflect what ever noise comes its way, be that noise physical, psychological or spiritual in nature.

Acoustic Armour is portable (always available where you are), wholistic (effective against all types of noise), pre-emptive (in place before the assault takes place), cumulative (becomes more impenetrable with time and application), personal (complements all life styles and occupations regardless of gender, age or cultural background.

For more information, please contact us at

Facilitator: Stephen Leskiw


Stephen is an Educator, Professional Development Consultant, 

Nationally Certified Sports Coach, Motivational Workshop

Facilitator, Indigenous Communities Liaison, Addictions Worker,

and an Anger Management Workshop Facilitator.



“I have used this understanding during times of frustration, and it has helped to clear my mind of the initial anxiety.” Stephen K.


“I have been racking my brain the past couple of days trying to think of how to evaluate this experience. Strangely enough, I’ve come to the realization that my mind cannot put to words all that I have experienced.” Brett K.


“It released my body of any if not all, negative feelings and thoughts. It was as if my entire body and mind were completely in neutral. My thoughts became more clear and things that normally would have pushed my buttons, lost their ability to do so.” John S.


“I suffer from frightening dreams (PTSD) that cause high anxiety. I started to feel free. My shaking stopped. I became more centered, focused. Like, how does a simple thing like this, help me see where I could not see before?” John C.


"This simple practice has taken my state of mindfulness to a new level. Without the psychic clutter, I am able to make decisions and act on them instead of over- analyzing everything. I have less fear, more motivation.”  Jeff T.


 This program is a NEW, limited offering, exclusive to Tip of Spear.

Registered program running Sunday and Wednesday evenings from 7-8:30pm, for 4 weeks.

Cost is $336.00 per person.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Participants that complete all eight (8) sessions and experience no personal benefit

are eligible for a refund of $224 plus GST (Booking Fee - $320 minus Facility fee -$96).

Requests for this refund must be received at within 24 hours of the completion date.


Uniquely protective and empowering understanding/practice that promotes life-long immunity from destructive noises like: peer/social pressure, occupational stress, relati...
Acoustic Armour
Started Oct 21, 2019