Acoustic Armour



STOP: Acoustic Armour is not a toy. It is a powerful tool for dealing with fear, anxiety and uncertainty. It is not to be played with.

Clinically documented and empirically shown to effectively cleanse, protect and build long-term immunity where stress, anxiety, anger, self-blame, uncertainty depression, addiction, or trauma, are playing with human life. Acoustic Armour is the secret hidden within a PPL. Do you have a PPL (Personal Protective Lullaby)?

Kathy:  (Excerpt from the Last Addict)

No one seems to know how this timeless wisdom works, we only know that as you are reading these words, countless women, men and youth, are using it. No one seems to know why this timeless wisdom works, but its users agree that for them, it does work. 


Those using this simple wisdom, a PPL, suggest that three words will answer any questions you may have – “JUST DO IT!” While a PPL is applicable to a wide range of mental health challenges, this timeless wisdom is particularly valuable to anyone working in the following stress- filled occupations:


  • Senior Management       

  • Security Personnel

  • First Responders       

  • Social/Health Care Professionals

  • Military Personnel       

  • Professional Athletes

  • Emergency Room Staff       

  • Corrections Personnel

  • Air Traffic Controllers/Pilots/Attendants       

  • Educators

  • Agriculture

Acoustic Armour is about sound proofing our minds so they are less vulnerable to whatever noise comes their way- be that noise physical, psychological or spiritual in nature.

Acoustic Armour is self-directed and promotes a life-long immunity to a host of destructive psychological noises like peer/social pressure, occupational stress, relationship/financial stress, undisciplined anger, acute anxiety/fear, traumatic experiences (PTSD), addictions, depression and loss of purpose/suicide ideation.


Acoustic Armour is portable (always goes with us), wholistic (effective against all types of mind noise), pre-emptive (in place before the assault takes place), cumulative (becomes more impenetrable with time and practice), personal (complements all life styles and occupations regardless of gender, age or cultural background).

Video Affirmations: As excerpted from “The Last Addict”.


David:  (Excerpt from the Last Addict)




Program Developer: Stephen Leskiw


Stephen is an Educator, Professional Development Consultant, 

Nationally Certified Sports Coach, Motivational Workshop

Facilitator, Indigenous Communities Liaison, Addictions Worker,

and an Anger Management Workshop Facilitator.



“I have used this understanding during times of frustration, and it has helped to clear my mind of the initial anxiety.” Stephen K.


“I was traumatized internally and could not express myself. I had to find the right doorway, the pathway for me to get beyond those experiences.” Kathy T.


“It released my body of any if not all, negative feelings and thoughts. It was as if my entire body and mind were completely in neutral. My thoughts became more- clear and things that normally would have pushed my buttons, lost their ability to do so.” John S.


“I find this very emotional but in a good way. I haven’t been doing this for long, but my life has changed. Not only for myself but for those I have encouraged and helped through it.” Bobbi S.


“I suffer from frightening dreams (PTSD) that cause high anxiety. I started to feel free. My shaking stopped. I became more centered, focused. Like, how does a simple thing like this, help me see where I could not see before?” John C.


"This simple practice has taken my state of mindfulness to a new level. Without the psychic clutter, I’m able to make decisions and act on them instead of over- analyzing everything. I have less fear, more motivation.”  Jeff T.

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