Since it's inception, Tip of Spear has been completely focused on providing quality training.

Why Choose Us For Your Training?


Whether you stay in this field a short time before moving on to a professional law enforcement career or make it your home, we can make you better. We have worked with people who already have extensive history in this industry and they come away with great experiences.

Our philosophy includes creating an informal/comfortable training setting right from the beginning, because this relaxes our students - they can then focus on learning the skills they need for this very serious business. We put a great deal of research and planning into creating an environment which fosters optimal learning, including numerous verbal techniques, hardware, and environmental ergonomics ranging from humor, and high tech devices, to the unusual layout of our classroom desks. All of this, and more, puts you into the best state of mind for learning.


If you don't have the required equipment for our physical courses, you can purchase it from our partner Supply Sergeant at West Edmonton Mall in person, or online at ww.supplysergeant.ca. 

Are You Already An Experienced Professional?
You're already great at what you do? Then you are here because you want to be better. Do you want to be the best? Not sure if we are the right choice? We are confident that we can make you better - maybe, the best. 


Our Instructors Have Real World Operations Experience

It is a fact that there is a difference between "Doing" and "Teaching"! Even a great instructor, who has very little real world experience in his subject, is limited in how far he can lead you to your goals. We know this, and that's why our instructors also have EXTENSIVE field experience.

Our Field Experience includes;


Loss Prevention, Bars, Military, Corrections, Peace Officer, Special Events, Labour Disputes, Hospitals, Office Tower Settings, Casinos, Bands, Hotels, Retail Settings. 


We have lived and breathed this industry our whole life.

We are passionate about increasing the standard of training in this industry.
We have an ingrained belief in the mission of looking after people.

To do this, we have determined that our focus should be on making our training; Accessible, Affordable, and Relevant. 

Our enthusiasm and passion WILL change this industry over time.


Do We Really Care If You Succeed?


If you don't know us yet, you may doubt our sincerity. Then let's do some straight talking here... We have a vested interest in you coming out of here knowledgable and skilled. We need you to shine in a group of other security professionals. We want you to tell everybody about how great WE are, and for them to see this in how great YOU are!
Bottom Line: We Know that Our business can only succeed - if You Succeed!


By Using Us as Your Training Provider, you are getting the following experience;


  • Over 25 years of Front Line Security, Leadership, and Senior Leadership experience, in the private sector, government facilities, and in the largest entertainment venues in Edmonton.

  • Over 20 years of teaching experience across both the private sector, and government settings.

  • Certified Protection Professional through ASIS This designation is known through North America as a professional, board certified designation in the security industry. For more information, go to asisonline.org to see what this designation requires.

  • Verbal Judo, Registered Instructor.

  • Certified Canadian Firearms Safety Instructor 

  • Certified Krav Maga Combatives Instructor (IKMF)

  • Certified OC Spray Instructor

  • Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (CPI) Instructor

  • Pressure Point Control Tactics (PPCT) Defensive Tactics Instructor

  • Spontaneous Knife Defense (PPCT)

  • Arrest and Control.

  • Hand-cuffing.

  • Weapon Retention and Baton Certification.

  • Defensive Tactics Against Knife Attacks

  • Rape Aggression Defense (RAD)

  • Teaching women verbal and physical defensive tactics.

  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Instructor
    Which was hosted by the Edmonton Police Service.

  • Guest Speaker at varied locations depending on topic and customized program needs. 

  • Alberta Basic Security Training, Registered Instructor.

  • Alberta Investigators Training, Registered Instructor.

  • Counter Blade Concepts, Instructor.

  • Controlled F.O.R.C.E. Instructor.

  • First Aid (Emergency)

  • First Aid (Advanced)

  • One of the few, certified by the Solicitor General as an accredited Trainer under the Government of Alberta Security Services and Investigators Regulation.


As an employer, consider this:

1) We Don't Participate in the Poaching of Your Employees!  We are an independent security training business.

2) We offer corporate rates on select courses. Don't hesitate to speak to us about this or any other special needs you may have.  

3) We Are Driven To Be the Best - Not Just Words.


Call us today to help build your team!



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